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Tank Water Heater vs Tankless Water Heater

Tank Water Heaters vs Tankless Water Heaters

Some younger members of your family may like to take long showers. When it’s your turn, get ready for the “Big Chill.”

With a Paloma Tankless you’ll never be out of hot water again. A Paloma is able to produce hot water at the same rate and same temperature continuously. Learn more.

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With any water heater, the trick is to make certain that you don’t run out of hot water in actual usage. Once you run out with a storage-tank water heater, you have to wait a long time for it to heat up again. But a Paloma Tankless can easily keep up with the demands of your luxurious bath environment.

For instance, a whirlpool bath in a master bath will usually hold 60 to 80 gallons. This whirlpool bath will get filled with a conventional 100-gallon tank but there won’t be enough hot water for anything else. If your plans also include one of those multi-head showers pouring out water at 10 to 15 gallons per minute, quick arithmetic will tell you a 50-gallon conventional tank will last only 5 minutes. With a Paloma Tankless, if you size it to work at the moment of peak demand, you will never run out of hot water.

Everyone is Safe

Imagine having the ability to freely set the hot-water temperature using a remote control display pad. Forget about fiddling around with the control knobs in the shower while your conventional hot-water tank tries to keep up. You see, while tank water heaters will heat up to a single preset temperature, usually 120 degrees F, most Paloma Tankless models allow you to set the temperature between 100 and 140 degrees F instantly, and our commercial products, up to 180 degress.* Learn more.

And a Paloma Tankless is a smarter way to use energy resources, because gas is used to heat water only when you need it. The conventional tank-type water heater keeps burning fuel when you’re not using it. So the next time your shower turns into the “Big Chill,” you should wonder what benefit you got by burning gas during the day while you were gone.

* Mechanical versions in our Legacy Tankless Line do not feature remote digital temperature control.